Juuls in Schools


Juuling, a form of vaping, has become really popular in the U.S. and in our own community. The pod that goes into the Juul itself has as much nicotine has a whole pack of cigarettes. Teens and young adults are tricked into believing that juuling is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but that, in fact, is wrong. The pods contain most of the same chemicals that a cigarette does. The juul causes just has much harm as the next smoking device does. Breathing problems are the number one harmful effect, and most kids have that issue. When a person smokes a juul, there is not really a smell, so kids thinks it’s okay to bring to school and smoke their juul for that “buzz,” but not they’re not thinking about other kids having breathing problems. It’s becoming a serious issue in a lot of high schools, including ours. Some students have already been searched for juuls, and if they are caught with one, they are written up, have to go to ALC for a day, and are required to attend tobacco school on a Saturday. So, if you decide that you don’t want to quit smoking your Juul, but don’t want to be punished for it, don’t bring it to school. Be smart.