Career Day


Hunter Cole, Photographer

Wednesday, October 17 was the 2018 Career Day at the Lewisburg Cinema 8. Students from both Greenbrier West and East went. Though Career Day is normally only for sophomores, both juniors and sophomores were invited to go on the trip because last year’s event was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Each student was given a name tag with three different sessions that they were to attend and learn about different career choices ranging from fighting in the military, to writing articles like this one, to cooking exotic cuisines. Everyone had different sessions to try and find out what job they want to do to follow their hearts. One of the main themes was that students should follow their passions and interests to find their best career instead of worrying too much about how much a career pays.

Some of the advice included the following: “Start in high school by developing good habits.”  “Don’t allow social media to overcome your goals. “Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to respond now (to social media) or can it wait?’ (until after I get my work done).” “You need to have good study habits.” Students were also encouraged to think about “the trail they are leaving behind.” The mark that they make in high school can have a significant effect on their futures.

Overall, Career Day was a great experience to give all students an idea of what they are interested in