James Monroe @ West


Carley McClung, Writer / Editor

Friday, September 28th, Greenbrier West and James Monroe were on opposite sides of the field while fans filled the bleachers on both sides. The score remained low the entire game as field conditions made it challenging to execute plays. Both teams struggled  defense and offense-wise due to the circumstances; therefore, both were evenly matched. West has had a difficult couple weeks due to injuries to several key players, but the boys are yet to give up. Despite the struggles, the Cavaliers haven’t been beaten by more than a touchdown in several weeks. With the support of the fans, Greenbrier West will make improvements and come through on those key plays that will help them come out on top in the upcoming games. After once again losing within a touchdown at 13-8, the Cavaliers will go on to play at Pocahontas County High School on Friday, October 5th.