White Out Game


Carley McClung, Writer / Editor

Friday, September 21st, Greenbrier West High School had a ‘White Out’ football game, which meant students that wore white to the game and showed up before 7:15 were admitted into the game with no charge. Many students turned out and sat in the student section decked out in white, cheering on our football team. The game wasn’t looking so great for us in the first half, but we had faith in our team and continued cheering. Summers County Bobcats were on a three-game losing streak, so they were determined to gain a win in their game against us. In the first half or so, Summers County was dominating the field, preventing us from putting points on the board, but our football team has never been the type to give up. In the second half, the boys were able to put points on the board, making the game close enough to be a nail-biter. Despite a serious injury to one of our seniors, Shane Griffith, the boys remained a challenge to the Bobcats. In the end, we couldn’t pull together a win, the final score being yet again close, at 19-14.