The Race for Votes

The Race for Votes

Chance Withrow, Writer / Editor

Within the next couple of weeks students will be voting on who will represent them when making important decisions within the school. The voting should take place before homecoming and the spirit bowl.

Currently only Brandon Alderson running for Vice President. Other than that, there is nobody from the 9th grade who is running, so if you and your friends would like to make a clean sweep, now would be the time. The Sophomore class is a lot more competitive. Running for Treasurer & Secretary is Tory Brown & Katie Criss respectively who both run unopposed. Ally Flack, Sean McCutcheon, and Noah Boggs are in a race for the Vice President spot. Lauren Burke, Farrin Moul, and Mark Phipps are all contenders for the Presidency.

The junior class is a lot more spread out with the candidates who are participating. There is nobody currently running for treasurer. Maddy Richmond & Kaitlyn Hughart are running respectively unopposed. Emma Osborne and Matt Canaan are running for president. The seniors have arguably the most competitive race for offices. The only person running for Treasurer in the Senior class is Gabby Clower. Sarah Butler and Kirstie Keister are running for Secretary. Noah Rudd and Kenzie Vestal are the candidates for Vice President. The President race for the Seniors is the most contested in the school. The candidates are Danielle Roberts, Seth Mooney, Isaiah Stanley, and Adam Deline. Good luck to everyone running and happy voting!   

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