West @ Webster

Thursday, September 13th, Greenbrier West Football Team as well as the cheerleaders, traveled to Webster County High School. The game felt off because of the change of date and time due to impending Hurricane Florence, but the boys were ready, fired up from a recent article released about how the game would be an easy win for Webster.  

Senior Colton Kessler states, “As the game started, we started off slow by not taking advantage of significant scoring opportunities and giving up several big plays on defense. It was a high-intensity game that came down to the wire.” At the beginning of the game we, weren’t coming through on plays we needed to but finally, when we began staying toe for toe with Webster, the referee’s did everything possible to hold us back. In the end, we came up one touchdown short in double overtime at 20-26, and despite Webster’s expectations, it was anything but an easy win.