The Controversy Surrounding Dress Code


Mackenzie Copenhaver, Co Business Manager / Photographer / Writer

If you are a female student, I’m sure you can relate this: You’re walking down the hall or taking a math test and all of sudden you get a tap on the shoulder. Only to be told you have too many holes in your jeans, or too much of your shoulder is exposed.

In my opinion, a strict dress code is unnecessary and it’s taking away from the learning of female students. While talking to the students/staff of GWHS, I noticed many people had a lot to say.

“I think the dress code is insulting to the boys,” said Hunter Cole, a sophomore at Greenbrier West. “I have never been distracted by someone’s shoulders, or holey jeans,” he also adds.

Cassey McMillion, a junior, states that a strict dress code is time- consuming. “No one should have to spend an hour, the night before school, wondering if they’ll get called out of class the next day to change.”

While many had a lot of negative opinions about the dress code, some were supporters, or honestly couldn’t care less. Like one staff member I asked said she didn’t understand why students were making it such a big deal, “You’re here to learn, not be worried about the rips in your jeans.”

All that aside, we are at school to educate, and to be educated. The dress code is distracting everyone from the true reason we are at school. I feel it shouldn’t matter what you wear as long as you’re working hard.