False Sense of Independence


© Bettmann/CORBIS

1798 — by William Holland — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The current policies within the school system often do more harm than good. This year, previous policies have been enforced much more extremely than years past. Last year there were huge advancements in establishing a CTE program within the school. These programs are great at giving students responsibility and experience with work procedures. The teachers of CTE classes pour their heart and soul into these programs to make sure students are prepared for life. The current policies sadly conflict with this attempt to give students important traits. It is impossible to go eight hours a day with barely any amount of independence trait building (outside of CTE’s and schoolwork) and be expected to transition into college or life in general. The critical policies that keep our students safe are understandably enforced. What students could use is a feeling of separation from previous grades whether it be rules or activities in general. With the good behavior of the school leading to better rewards being given to the students. Some good examples from the past are are the 9 weeks rewards & spirit bowl. With an improved system of the way students are dealt with, the cycle of extreme strictness at the start of every year that wears down students and staff alike could be fixed. A fixed system would allow a more productive & less stressful school environment.