Relaxing lunches or stressful lunches?

Carley McClung, Writer / Editor

During high school, generally a students favorite time is their lunch period, especially when a school is on the smaller side. When you attend a small sized school population wise, your lunches tend to be relaxing due to the small amount of people in your lunch. However this year, our lunches are slightly disproportionate. The first lunch of the day is approximately double the amount of people in second lunch. In my opinion, over-sized lunches are a legitimate problem. They create problems such as overcrowding, lack of seating, and rowdiness in the commons area/gym. When it comes to students with anxiety issues or are just shy, lunch becomes a challenge. Finding a seat, not being able to sit with your friends, and being around that many people in general is enough to stress anyone out. Due to a higher number of people in first lunch, students don’t feel as comfortable to sit down and eat lunch. Higher concentration of people means students will be more rowdy and behave more recklessly. Second lunch pails to first lunch in comparison. Lunch periods should be enjoyable and a short relaxing time from the remaining eight hours of the day. Students shouldn’t find their most relaxing time overbearing and stressful.