New rules with new problems

As the 2018-2019 school year begins, the rules are becoming stricter. There are many things that have changed, and some students are very unhappy with these new rules.  The new rule that there seems to be trouble with is that we can’t have our phones in the back pocket of our jeans. I do see why this is a problem for the teachers and staff, but I also have to agree with the students. I understand that phones are to be turned off during the school day because it can be a huge distraction. However, we are limited to our bag size, so if our small bags are already full, where else can we place our phones? Lockers aren’t an option because we do not have the time at the end of the day to retrieve them. Five minutes is just not enough time to go to your locker, that has a chance of being all the way in C building. You could possibly miss your bus. Therefore, we should be allowed to have our phones in our back pockets, IF our phones are turned off!