Welcome Back!

Jewelia Shrewsbery, Head Editor

The first day of school stresses everyone out: most question themselves and worry what will take place on the first day. Students ask themselves: What am I going to wear? Am I happy with the classes I signed up for? How can I make this year a great one? Luckily, we have an amazing staff of teachers and administrators who help us untangle all the worries and stresses.

In particularly, the senior class agonizes the most. Aleesia Simmons remarked, “Senior year is going to be exciting, but stressful at the same time. I am really looking forward to seeing how this year is going to turn out.”

Seniors weren’t the only stressed-out students. Many freshmen wandered the halls aimlessly looking for their classes; luckily, they were saved by the returning students.

The staff of Cavtalk wishes everyone a productive, safe and fun year!