Web Page Designers

David Bolen , Writer

Web Page designers are responsible for planning, creating, editing, and publishing information onto websites. A web designer is mainly responsible for creating and editing content like pages, links, images, etc. As a web designer there is a responsibility for providing up-to-date, professional looking sites that fit for the users. For a web page designer you must have a good eye for details and be able to use coding such as HTML and CSS. There are two primary jobs involved in making a website there is the web designer and web developer, who often work together on a site. A web designer makes up to $64,970 USD annually and $31.23 USD hourly.


At our School Greenbrier West our teacher Mrs. Mcquain teaches us the basics of designing web pages. Everyday we work with dreamweaver using HTML coding. There are a bunch of things that need to be placed in the right spots and links must always work. Our task is to make the sites look good and to make sure that all the functions work in any shape and form. When asked if he thinks web page publishing will be useful to him after he graduates Jonathan Wilhelm said,”I feel like the skills and knowledge learned in this course will prove useful in both my college and in my career”.