Eleanor and Park: Book Review

Eden Medlin, Writer

Eleanor and Park is a adolescent novel written by Rainbow Rowell, it takes place in Omaha, Nebraska from 1986 to 1987. It surrounds the lives of two teenagers, Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan. Eleanor is the new kid and town and she’s weird and big and doesn’t fit in at all, if anything she stands out like a sore thumb. With her big poofy red hair and ribbons tied up and down her arm Eleanor is the daisy in a field of roses.

And then there’s Park. Park is an asian-american boy, who listens to the best rock music of the 80’s (a.k.a. The Smiths.) and reads X-Men comics during his free time. He tries his best to blend and while Eleanor does too, they both fail miserably.

So when Eleanor ends up having to ride Park’s bus, and there being no other free seats left, she ends up sitting with Park after some “Discussion”….

They eventually become friends, and they hang out and they read comics and share music, and it really is an amazing book about being a teenager and how horrible it is to be one.

I hope (if you read it) that you enjoy it.