Greenbrier West Visits the Senate


Seth Mooney, Writer

On January 18th, 2018 Isaiah Stanley, Drake Dunn, and Gianna Ortiz went on a trip chaperoned by Gregory Mills to the capital to work as an Honorary Senate Page for the Senate of West Virginia. While they were there they ran errands for the senators and they watched the lawmaking process unfold. They heard about the proposed timber cuts and they met the governor. They talked about Isaiah’s running for the House of Delegates with the Governor and Senator. Below is the Interview with Isiah Stanley and Drake Dunn.

Seth: Who went to his Event?

Isaiah: I did.

Drake: Drake Dunn and Gianna Ortiz who could not be here today.

Me: What was the event?

Isaiah: We went to the capital to work as an honorary senate page for the Senate of West Virginia.

Me: When did this happen?

Isaiah: January 18th, 2018

Me: Where did it happen?

Drake: The Senate building in Charleston, West Virginia.

Me: Details about the trip?

Isaiah: We went down to the capital for a day to help senators. If they called for u we would go and-

Drake: Fetch them things. We would run documents back and forth, get them water, coffee, whatever they want. We were basically glorified errand boys.

Isaiah: However it was a huge honor.

Drake: It was also very interesting to see the lawmaking process in a way because they were voting and ranting. Senate of ranting.

Isaiah: Were also got to hear a speech from the Senator about the proposed timber cuts where they would allow out of state parks would allow timber companies to cut a certain amount of timber from our parks.

Me: How do you feel about that Isaiah?

Isaiah: That is crazy to even consider it. That is public land for our enjoyment and not to be used to settle debts.

Me: So the timber cuts was the main focus of the session?

Isaiah: Yes pretty much. It was a very short session because it was at the very beginning.

Drake: After the session, we met up with the senator for our district Steven BaldwinVirginiaand we all went out to lunch and hung out for a little while.

Isaiah: He took us back to his office and the governor’s secretary was there. The secretary took us down to the governor’s office and we got to meet Jim Justice and take a picture with him.

Drake: It was fun.

Isaiah: While we were there he mentioned my campaign to the governor. I am running for the House of Delegates in district 42. I am a high school student in the 11th grade. I can barely run.

Me: Who is running against you?

Isaiah: 7 people running against me.

Me: Did they vote on the timber cut?

Isaiah: No they don’t chaperone vote that early in a session. They do it later. They may have later, but they didn’t vote while we were there.

Isaiah: The bill was purposed by Jim Justice to try and solve the financial issues our state is in.

Drake: It’s not the way to go.

Isaiah: Senator Baldwin mentioned how they got brand new toilets for the capital even though the new ones were working fine and they are trying to solve these budget issues by cutting out trees. They go out and make these crazy endeavors by buying new toilets when all the toilets were perfectly fine.

Me: Anything else about your trip?

Isaiah: Senator Baldwin had given us gift bags which had in it a pocket constitution, a West Virgina Bluebook for the year 2015-16 because the new ones hadn’t been made yet.

Drake: Gregory Mills chaporoned us that day and enjoyed a day at the senate.

Me: Thank you for your time you two.

Drake & Isaiah: No problem.