Should Guns Be in the Classroom?


Tessa Johnson , Writer

There are many pros and cons to a question like this. Not everyone will like the idea of a teacher having a gun. Many parents will think that a teacher should not have a gun while their children are learning. They will feel a classroom in which a concealed weapon is present is a bad one. Some people simply do not like guns — they see guns as nasty, profane, scary and loud. It is basically part of an alien culture of which they are entirely

The latest shooting intensified the debate. President Trump even suggested that schools without guns inside of them are setting themselves up for attacks. Teachers can not do anything except hide with their students and hope for the best. Many people think that teachers carrying guns is a good idea but not all teachers want to carry a gun. It would be hard for teachers to shoot a student if a student was the shooter so they would have to be trained precisely with taking down a shooter without killing them but good enough to get the gun away and restrain them until the police arrive.

What’s your opinion?