Locking Down or Sneaking Out?


Jessica Price

Should you stay hunkered down in a locked classroom with no protection or should you have an escape route and sneak your way out? Sneaking out can be a dangerous, but so can sitting in a classroom waiting and hoping they don’t bust the door down, or shoot the lock. There should be an evacuation plan or maybe an underground tunnel put in that only teachers know about. This is put in place in case the shooter is a student.

Teachers with a safe background check should also be allowed to carry a gun like a pistol, but not an assault rifle. I believe a teacher wouldn’t be able to shoot a student though, but maybe they could be trained to shoot but not kill. Having several teachers at once could help. One teacher to shoot, one to get the gun away, and one to restrain them until the police get there.

There is a new school shooting simulator for teachers to prepare for the worst. The vivid and realistic digital simulation was created by the federal government. The teachers get to choose from several different commands including, “get out the window,” “find a place to hide,” or “follow me.” Another simulation of a hotel was made in June before a shooter was firing through a hotel window in Las Vegas.

Lock Downs for school shootings should be practiced in every place of the school. This includes switching classes, while somebody may be using the bathroom, maybe while one person is walking to the office. Where should they go? Maybe they should find the closest door and go out of it into the woods and stay out of sight. There are so many unplanned places you could be and so many unplanned things that could happen that no school could ever be ready for all of the possibilities.