Cookies or Camping?


Girl Scout Cookies

Dayla Toney, Reporter, Photographer

January third is the start of Girl Scout cookie season, and while this may seem both good and harmless to most, Girl Scouts might be seen as inferior. The tradition of selling cookies began long ago, starting in 1917 after an Oklahoma Girl Scout troop sold cookies at a bake sale. However, with the Boy Scouts of America finally allowed girls to join their many troops, some saw this as the final decision point that truly made the Girl Scouts look inferior, and overall, useless, seeing as they may only be known for selling cookies.

Honestly, I don’t see the representation of selling cookies within the Girl Scouts to be inadequate, but compared to everything the Boy Scouts have accomplished, as well as the activities, it proves to look pathetic on their part. This is the one thing most people overlook to why the Boy Scouts of america started accepting young girls into their organization, for complete acceptance. But no there seems to be no issue now that young girls have the right to choose which organization to become a part of, and that is true equality.