The Witches Past, Chapter 9

The Witches Past, Chapter 9

I hurriedly put my stuff away and jumped out of my seat, ready to leave this class. I exit the room and take a sharp left out of the door, nearly running into another door.

“Hey! Wait up!” I hear someone yell, I turn around, curious about who is being chased down and then I realize it’s me. Not only that, but the stupid boy in my dream was after me. I almost got the chance to dart away, but he took hold of my arm and stopped me.

“You are Owen’s sister aren’t you?” He asks immediately. I stare at him, angered and confused.

“Did you know him?” I asked timidly, I needed to know. The boy nods and I let out the breath that I didn’t know I had been holding. “What was he like? Before he…you know…” I trailed off, willing myself not to have tears spill down my cheeks.

“Good. He was good, he worried about you.” I looked at my schedule, desperate to change the subject.

“Um, do you know where Spanish is?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah, follow me, okay?” I nod and do as I’m told, not wanting to get lost again. We walked up two or three sets of stairs. I couldn’t tell, I was too lost in my head.

“Um, just go to the last door take a left and then the first door you see is the Spanish room.”

“Thank you.” I say, and then I walk away. I walk to the place as he instructed and I enter the room.

“Hola!” The teacher said as I entered the class, I jump in surprise of his cheeriness. It was early in the morning

“Hi.” I say meekly, I take a seat in the middle of the classroom.
It was quite cramped in here, but the teacher (whose name is yet to be known), seemed to make the best of it. There were posters with Spanish words that I was almost sure we would be learning, and there was a white board with multiple things written in Spanish.

People start to file into the classroom and one by one the chairs are beginning to fill. The students seemed to like the side chairs, instead of the middle, so I was sitting alone. Which really isn’t bothersome, because I am really not in the mood to talk to people.

As the class moved on, I realized I never asked for that boy’s name. I shrug and decided that was probably the only time he would speak to me. I continue my doodling with that thought in mind.