JROTC Droop Mountain Field Trip

JROTC Droop Mountain Field Trip

Tessa Johnson , Writer

On Friday, October 20th JROTC went on a field trip across the Pocahontas county
border to Droop Mountain. A tour guide showed the cadets where the trenches, watchtower, and an overlook was located. The first thing the cadets visited was the museum.

The Droop Mountain Battlefield Museum is a collection of Civil War relics and other objects related to the November 6, 1863, battle at Droop Mountain. It is housed in a former park vacation cabin constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1936.

Displayed items are primarily field found or locally donated rifles, cannon shells, bullets, buttons, uniform items, and horse accouterments used in the Droop Mountain battle. A Confederate drum was found on the battlefield the morning after the battle along with a book.

Other objects displayed are an original New York Times newspaper with a front-page article describing the recent battle at Droop Mountain. The other items included copies of other battle specific newspaper articles, photos and drawings of officers, maps, and interpretive documents.