The Witches Past, Chapter 7

The Witches Past, Chapter 7

I tilt my head to the left a bit, questioning with her with my stare and she just shakes her head in reply, as if she was saying ‘don’t ask’. I can tell already, she is a good person, and by observation, I have figured out that something happened with a chick and a partner. I guess that is besides the point. She seems like someone who would go the distance for you, but you have to meet her halfway, nothing was one-sided.

“What was it like in Lewisburg?” I ask. She seemed to glimmer at the mention of her old home.

“It was cool and fantastic, and I really miss it, but I didn’t really have any friends, I just miss the scenery. Everything was so… nice?” She said it as if it was a question, but I wasn’t going to push her, so I just shrugged and decided to listen to Mrs. Bowles.

“Okay, dudes, so like I was at home, trying to get all this stuff together, and like,” Mrs. Bowles had to stop talking to laugh for a minute. “My poor cat, she jumped and then she just rammed into my dresser when I was making my plan for today, and she just looked so,” She started laughing again, and the class, including me, joined her. “She looked like she just saw a dead body.” The class erupted into laughter and so did Mrs. Bowles, but then she went serious.

“Okay now, here is how this class will go. You do the work, which isn’t a lot, and be quiet, and we will get along perfectly, deal?” The class chorused ‘yes’ and Mrs. Bowles was pleased and then she passed out a worksheet and told us where the books were, and what chapter to read.

Mia and I paired up together and we got the work done faster when we broke the work up.

After we were done we turned it in and put our books away. Then the bell rang and Mia had to go upstairs and I stayed for English. I said my goodbyes to Mia and headed towards Ms. Richardson’s classroom. I walked in and there were a couple of kids, somewhere in the front, and thankfully there was a seat in the back free, so I took it as fast as possible.

Two seats down is a boy that had dark brown, almost black hair, I couldn’t really see anything else besides the fact that he is tall. He was dressed in a dark blue and white checkered, button-down shirt that was paired with jeans and a pair of black converse. He was reading The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

About a seat in front of me is a girl with curly red hair, she is bent over a notebook, scribbling words probably about what is going on so far in her life. She is dressed in a white sweater that was tucked into a red denim skirt, which is paired with knee-high socks and red low top Dr. Martens.

I looked back over to the boy and he has now set his book down, I freeze when he looks over at me, he is the boy who was in my dream last night, but older.