Theatre Cast

Theatre Cast

Theatre Cast Announcement.

By Emma Osborne.

The cast list for the Greenbrier West Theatre’s performance of “Cinderella On Trial” has been confirmed, and the cast could not be more perfect for their roles. The list below is the cast of the goofy play.

Lindsey Sykes– Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.

Tia Walkup– Defense Attorney, Pig 2.

Jessica Walkup– Germania, Pig 3.

Gigi Ortiz– Priscilla, Croc.

Drake Dunn– Prince Charming.

Isaiah Stanley– Hansel, Captain.

Aayliah Painter– Gretel, Rapunzel.

Gabbi Clower– Madam Grim M, Wolf.

Kaitlyn Hughart– Red Riding Hood, Marnie Pickles.

Ariana Mooney– Evil Step Mom, Snow White.

Adam Ayers– Judge M. Hatter, Bob.

Rachel– Princess Prissy Pott.

Kendall Hamons– Bailiff, Wicked Witch of the West.

Ashli Spinks– FGM

Emma Osborne– Prosecuting Attorney, Pig 1.

Most cast members are doubling up on roles due to the lack of cast. An official performance date has yet to be announced. An update will come as soon as new information available.