Time Management


Time management is a worthy skill to have especially during a busy time in your life.
Especially for the kids who do several extracurricular activities, along with homework, family
activities, and getting enough rest at night. It is said that teenagers and young adults need at
least 8-10 hours of sleep a night, and knowing all the things some students do it can be very
hard to get to sleep on time.

From a standpoint of a teenager, most difficulties are:
● Laziness
● Wanting to sleep all the time
● Video games
● Sports practices and sport games
Most coaches don’t give much leeway for having homework; you either come to the practice
and games or you’re off the team.
Ways to manage time include:
● Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts
● Keep an appointment book
● Engage in thoughts, activities, and conversations
● Schedule time for interruptions
● Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan out your day
● Have a do not disturb sign
● Do not instantly give people your attention
● Block out all other distractions
● Remember it is impossible to get everything done

Time management skills include:
● Goal setting
● Prioritisation
● Self awareness
● Motivation
● Planning
● Communication skills

What are some of the reasons you can’t manage time?
What could you do to improve this?