New Gym, New Opinions


Seth Mooney, Writer

As you’re aware, the upstairs gym has been renovated over the summer. I am talking a brand new everything. The gym went from being old and worn to being new and improved. The old bleachers had been there since the 1960’s, so it makes sense that it was time for an upgrade. Phelicity Robinson stated the following on this subject: “We really needed the new bleachers, I’m glad they finally installed them.”

However, the replacement of all our old stuff came with a lot of do’s and don’ts, such as when the bleachers aren’t out, don’t climb up them, and don’t go on the new stage. Though it may seem strange there are good reasons for this. If people climbed on the bleachers it would mess up the electronics and make it harder for them to come out. We’re not allowed on the stage so that the padding doesn’t get ruined. We are teenagers and break mostly everything we touch.

“What else is new besides the bleachers and stage?” I know at least one of you three reading this will ask. Well, let me drop some knowledge. Besides the bleachers and stage, the whole gym got a new paint job. Which is nice because it desperately needed one; the last paint job was sort of meh. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. An entirely new score table was added, which is fantastic for keeping score.

The gym floor was refinished; that’s good because people use the floor. It is the main reason we use the gym. I heard some students voicing their concerns about spending such a large sum of money for the new gym. These concerns have been answered and it was explained that it was not the school’s money being spent.
It was a bond for the gym and track raised over 9 years ago, however, it was only recently that the gym and track got these renovations; the only thing I have to say about that is that “It’s about time”. All things considered, the renovation is a good idea and seems like it will meet the desired requirements for sports activities hosted there.