The Witches Past, Chapter 4

The Witches Past, Chapter 4

Eden Medlin and Breann Carlson

Chapter Four

Hearing his name being called for one of the first times since the funeral made my whole body shiver. After 3, horrid years of Owen being gone, I had figured that I would be able to function normally by now, but I guess I was wrong. I ignored the boy that had called my name, and walked briskly to what I guessed was the cafeteria. I cursed under my breath, only just now realizing that the boy could have directed me to my classes.

After getting over the temporary anger that I had held over myself, I sat down in a chair closest to the hallway and continued to look around for anyone that looked nice enough to approach. Then, I caught the glare of a person at the table across from mine, in the teacher’s section. His hair was black, and his eyes had an eerie green look to them. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but he scared me, which was surprising, considering the fact that almost nothing usually did. Suddenly, the man got up, and started towards me, seemingly noticing my stare.

“Your Owen’s sister, aren’t you?” The teacher said, the second he got within earshot.
I cringed at my brother’s name and wondered how I hadn’t noticed how similar my brother and I looked.

“How do you know he was my brother?” I asked, suspicious for a reason I couldn’t quite figure out.

“I knew him well, let’s just say that. You’re new, aren’t you? I haven’t seen you at GWHS before.” I stared at him, a look of confusion on my face clearly showing.

“What is that?” I said, having a feeling that I just asked a stupid question.
He chuckled, his thoughts confirmed.

“It’s the abbreviation for this school, Greenbrier West High School. Do you need me to walk you around?” He said politely, contradicting how evil he seemed.

Why did he want to talk to me so much? Don’t teachers normally leave you alone, unless you’re in class? I suppose it’s different here. I thought, wanting to roll my eyes.

“ I don’t really know where anything is,” I admitted, and he shook his head.

“Then I shall walk you around. Do you have your schedule? “

“My schedule was sent in the mail during the summer. Thank you.” I said, my lack of communication skills creeping to the surface as I awkwardly sat there, refusing to stare at him. I was thankful that I had someone to show me around, but it sounded like this man never shut up.

“Ok. When the first bell rings, come to the circle table over there. In the meantime, try to make some friends. It will be easier that way. Oh, and my name is Daniel Blackford.” He finally walked back to his table, smiling when he reached it.

I look around the giant room and found no one that I wanted to talk to. There weren’t very many people here yet, only a few spread out at different tables in the cafeteria. The first one I noticed was a boy in a sweatshirt at the second table, talking to a girl and a boy who was clearly ignoring him. An older girl at the third table, by herself. I started to get up and make my way towards her, finding my chance.

Then, a blonde haired boy sat down next to her, and the quietness that comfortingly surrounded her immediately disappeared. I made my way back to my seat, quietly sighing. This was not going to be easy.