The Witches Past, Chapter 3

The Witches Past, Chapter 3

Breann Carlson and Eden Medlin

Chapter Three: Kassidy’s writing

Grumbling to myself I threw the blankets off me and I got out of bed. I stand and rush to my closet, picking at random. I ended up with a black dress, grey tights, and black ankle boots. Then I hurry to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then I pull my blackish brown hair into a partially decent ponytail. I run back up to my room to grab my iPod and earbuds off of my nightstand. I check the time while I am picking out a song to listen to, I have about two minutes to get to the bus stop. I begin to run out of the house, grabbing my backpack as I run. I make it to the bus stop just in time, the bus had just arrived.

I walk onto the bus, pretending that I hadn’t just ran all the way down my street to get here. People were staring at me, it was kind of discrete staring because whenever I caught someone’s eyes they would turn away. I take a deep breath in as I walk, mostly because I couldn’t find an empty seat.

Then I spotted it, the beauty of that one empty seat near the back; just for me. I welcome that stupid bus seat like it was hot chocolate and It was winter. I sink into its comfort of solitude.

I pull my iPod out of my bag I stuffed in while running here and I insert my earbuds into my ears. I scroll through my almost endless list of songs that is still not enough music for me. I end up choosing a song by Bring Me The Horizon. I listen to the song for a while before deciding to change it, but I don’t get a chance to as I the bus stops at my new school. I collect my bag and turn off my iPod, stuffing it in its pocket.

I walk off the bus and I hear multiple things; laughter, yelling, people talking, and I think there was even this kid crying because school started. In all honesty, I don’t blame the poor kid, but this is a new school, I can’t judge a book by its cover.

I keep walking into the school and I follow the crowd of people up a flight of stairs. Looking around I follow the flow of people all the way to the cafeteria. My schedule had been sent to me through the mail, so I know the teachers I am supposed to meet, but I don’t know where to go. I sigh and look around for anyone willing to help, and to no avail, I’m too shy to ask anyone for help.

Someone points to me and I tilt my head, curious.

“What?” I ask, assuming I had probably managed to get toothpaste on my face. The boy who was pointing at me looked slightly bewildered.

“You look like that guy who used to ride my bus, his name was…was…” He snaps his fingers repeatedly, and then his face lights up. “Owen. His name was Owen, that’s who you look like.” He turned to his friend and tells them about me, while I feel my face paling, and I start to slightly shake.  Of course, I look like Owen, he was my brother.