Hurricanes of 2017


Addison Dixon, Writer

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Hurricane Harvey:

Hurricane Harvey has already devastated many in the state of Texas as well as the state of Louisiana. Harvey first made its mark on August 25th, 2017 in southeast Texas as a category 4 hurricane. Not only were lives lost, homes were destroyed, and historical flooding occurred. The hurricane’s second victim was in Louisiana near Cameron (August 30th, 2017). Also leaving thousands devastated and many now without a home.

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Hurricane Irma:

Hurricane Irma is the largest storm recorded in the Atlantic ocean as a category 5 hurricane. Irma’s first victim was the islands of the Caribbean. The hurricane took their hit on the islands September 6th, 2017. Now headed to take its wrath on the East coast of the United States. Predictions say that most of the damage will go to the state of Florida since all of the states will be hit. Hurricane Irma is larger than the whole size of the state of Florida. Meteorologist predicts that Irma will hit the United states by Sunday, September 11th, 2017.

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Hurricane Jose:

Hurricane Jose started off being just a tropical storm that follows behind hurricane Irma, but it has quickly climbed the charts so it is now a hurricane with 75 miles per hour winds. While as of the moment there are not any watch warnings for hurricane Jose, we should still be on alert, because, just like hurricane Irma this storm is growing by the day.

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For All Those In Effect:

    For everyone in the path of these three hurricanes, stay safe.  If you were told to evacuate your area, then do so for your safety.  For those of you that are choosing to stay, make sure you have water, bread, and a safe place nearby you on high grounds.  Everyone that has been affected and are to be affected, stay safe and try to keep hope that things will get better for you.